home sweet home

ah, my lovely bed. no one around to draw blood at 5:30 am (and fail three times). no late night coughing of death coughs, no screams from down the hall. just my comfy pillows and the open arms of my wonderful wife.

thank you so much to everyone who came to visit, or who checked in on me via the exceedingly myriad ways of being in touch. i know i haven’t been posting as much – it’s just not as interesting when i’m doing well – but it’s so very nice to know that in my times of need that you all will rise to the occasion. hopefully there won’t be another visit to the hospital for a nice long time. it’s scary how many staff people at NYU i know by name at this point. i mean, they’re friendly and all – but they’re just not people i like to see very often.

so: back to life. i managed to make it through a shift behind the bar last night, and i’m diving in to my writing pursuits. we’ve started the process of hand-making all of our wedding invitations, which is a helluva lot of work but so worth it. wait until you see the final product!

for those of you who might catch the news about the great leaps forward in treating melanoma (here, for example), my treatment is in the family of drugs that blocks the protein uptake of the melanoma cell, but only for those patients with what’s known as a BRAF mutation – about 50% of the population, and thankfully, a group of which i am a part. it’s funny to say this, but it’s a great time to have melanoma. the treatments in the news right now didn’t exist when i was diagnosed three years ago, and i’m incredibly lucky that they’re available now.

3 Responses to “home sweet home”

  1. Tamara says:

    glad you are home!

  2. marc says:

    Sooooo glad you are homw. OY! Happy Shavuous! Get strong. Love you. Marc

  3. Laila says:

    so glad you are home. i know you will enjoy the little blessings.