rest for the weary

i’m not quite to a resting point quite yet… but it’s coming. today i’m still struggling with pain everywhere, and my right hand has joined my left in being a source of significant discomfort. dealing with a crumbling body definitely did not make my session of physical therapy any easier. at least the team there understands my situation and didn’t try and push me too hard.

but! my weary bones will get some real downtime this weekend. i mentioned some time ago that my east coast parent substitutes live in a marvelous house near west point and just around the corner from the storm king sculpture garden – 500 acres of glorious art and nature! richard and louise are headed to a wedding this weekend, and we’re going up to keep an eye on their adorable dog jake. not only do we get to cavort with said puppy, but their beautiful property is tucked in the woods¬†down a dirt road ¬†(some of you might remember my dip in the waterfall near their house!) and features a hot tub, sauna, and pretty much the coolest above-ground pool ever. also, ping-pong and a sweet entertainment setup.

but! far more important than puppy love, or hot tubs, is the fact that, other than two nights in yosemite last spring, this is the FIRST trip that kathryn and i are taking with just the two of us together. it’s honestly hard for me to believe, but really, it’s true. with two families, siblings and friends spread out around the country, if we have the chance to travel, it’s always been to visit with our beloved community. which is great! and considering both my health and my regular lack of steady income, it’s a wonder that we’ve been able to travel as much as we have.

so! this weekend will be extra, extra special.

and no. you can’t come with us.


4 Responses to “rest for the weary”

  1. Dad says:

    You have earned a little bliss with your beloved. Have a grand time.

  2. pierre says:


  3. Tamara says:

    Yay! I hope you have a peaceful easy-feelin’ time.

  4. Tempy says:

    Have fun! Jake looks adorable!