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well, friends and family, it’s christmas day! i hope you’re able to spend it happily ensconced around the hearth with loved ones, or at least in close contact with those far away. i can think of a handful of you who face the holiday dearly missing your recently departed, and to you i send compassion and strength. we’re especially missing our dog maggie, as this is our first trip to the twin cities since her quiet passing. the wind chill is in the single digits, so i suppose it’s a blessing that no one has to walk her today. still, she was much loved and is much mourned.

i don’t want to spend a ton of time posting, but kathryn got me a new wireless keyboard for my ipad (along with many other, more personal gifts) so i just *had* to sit down and try it out. i don’t like taking my laptop to the studio, but it’s nice to have the ability to write while i’m there and the touch keyboard is a bit above passable. so now i can (hopefully) be better about responding to email!

though some of you aren’t christian – i’m not exactly a “christ is lord” kind of guy myself – i adore the traditions and the focused family time the season brings. any reminder to love, respect, and care for each other is just fine by me. and i’d trade all the gifts in the world for this chance to celebrate here in st. paul, gathering with my family (though we miss the wilkenings terribly!) and the community of unity church, without the spectre of illness hanging over our heads. Having spent much of the past year beating back the noontime demons of severe depression and overwhelming anxiety, i feel so ready for all the promise that 2013 holds.

much love to you all, and happy holidays!

3 Responses to “sent from my ipad”

  1. ginger says:

    Thanks for this Jonah. Much love and happy boxing day to you all there in chilly St. Paul! Not sorry our path has led us to California, though not much sun here behind the redwood curtain!


  2. Laurel L says:

    Happy holidays to you, too, Jonah, and to your family. I have high hopes for 2013. We’ll be in CA for 10 days starting tomorrow, so picture me toasting you New Year’s Eve at Woolsey with lots of folks who love you, too.

  3. b├ęco says:

    dear jonah,

    great to know you are doing fine.
    you are always in my prayers. let’s hang in 2013!

    happy new year to you + kathryn and all your peeps!