the scan is clean, with minor reservations. kathryn and i both expressed a deep desire for the answers to be black and white – either i’m totally in the clear, or not. obviously we don’t *want* to deal with a recurrence, but the fuzziness of the answers (and many scans) can be deeply unsettling.

so: my scan overall was very positive, though i have some mildly suspicious bowel inflammation. given all my insides have endured – the countless tiny tumors have left their mark, not to mention the big resection last year – it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t be at 100%. my team and i are mostly confident that the inflammation isn’t anything dangerous, but given my history, it’s important that we take a closer look. some time within the next week i’ll get a dual endoscopy (throat and colon) – it’s old hat for me at this point (i can’t even remember how many colonoscopies i’ve had) – though that doesn’t make the prep process any more pleasant. i’m hoping to get the procedure and biopsies wrapped up before we head to new mexico next weekend (!!!!) – it’d be nice to head out on vacation having a firm idea of what the future holds.

at least as firm as it gets.

2 Responses to “clean(-ish)”

  1. annie says:

    /sigh … I understand the frustration of the uncertainty. sending prayers and vibes that all investigation brings back is a t-shirt that says “someone I know went to my colon and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” love you. xoxo

  2. thanks for the update. you are indeed blessed to make the 5 year mark. sigh that it still hangs in the shadows. may this be a very slight bump in the road….