a much-deserved vacation

tomorrow at dawn, kathryn and i are headed to new mexico. the timing is perfect. the weather will be perfect. i couldn’t be more excited.

as part of our prize package, bishop’s lodge is providing us with a couples spa treatment, horseback riding, archery lessons and a private tour of the georgia o’keeffe home and museum at ghost ranch. along with trips to bandolier, tent rock city and taos, we’ll have plenty to do. also we’re going to karaoke at cowgirl bbq, because karaoke. obviously.

kathryn is working her tail off (as usual) and atop her usual hectic schedule, she has rehearsals four nights a week for a show opening in june (more on that after vacation). she so desperately needs a break and though we have plenty of activities planned, we’re going to be sure to get lots of time poolside for some serious relaxing.

as for me, i didn’t realize how much i had invested emotionally in my most recent scan. i feel healthy and had convinced myself that nothing was wrong, but i’ve had nasty surprises before. when this week’s scope turned up clear, i felt a great weight lifted, a burden that i didn’t even know was there.

kathryn came home after my procedure with a special surprise, and a wonderfully appropriate gift for the occasion: sunday morning we’re going on a sunrise ride in a hot air balloon! i can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate my new weightlessness.

as an added bonus, our balloon pilot is a dead ringer for lee scoresby from the golden compass.

lee scoresby!

One Response to “a much-deserved vacation”

  1. Laurel L says:

    Dear Jonah and Kathryn,
    You so deserve this time away, newlyweds. Enjoy, relax, revel in the beauty before you, behind, above, below….
    Lay the burdens and busyness down for awhile.