samuel johnson

a cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out, as good for nothing.

though i love a good cucumber (provided it’s thoroughly peeled) i can still appreciate the humor in dr. johnson’s dry wit. but there’s another quote of his that has far deeper resonance for me:

to let friendship die away by negligence and silence is certainly not wise. it is voluntarily to throw away one of the greatest comforts of the weary pilgrimage.

while it’s true that this site doesn’t serve as immediate a purpose as it did once, i can’t believe it’s been over two months since i posted. every day i think that i’d like to post but just never get around to it. part of the story is that i’ve been busy – i’ve finished a website for my paintings (or at least mostly finished) and with school out, i’ve spent much of the summer busy with kids. i’m meeting one shortly this afternoon so i don’t have time to write the epic catch-up that’s now necessary after so much time away.

the bottom line is that i miss this, and i miss you, my dear readers, and i’m sorry for neglecting you. most of you know that it’s my birthday today, so i thought i’d give myself a birthday present by reengaging with all of you, however indirectly. it just so happens that tonight our favorite live band karaoke group is playing in our neighborhood, so we’re meeting friends and will be singing late into the night. which is how i’d like to spend every birthday. or every day. or at least most days.

next week looks pretty open at the moment, so i’m hoping to have more time to start posting regularly again. until then, thanks for checking in.

4 Responses to “samuel johnson”

  1. ginger kossow says:

    Really nice to open your blog this a.m. Jonah – and hope you had a great birthday – or as we Buddhist folk call it – your continuation day.

    Love you lots,

    Ginger and Richard

  2. béco says:

    Hey J.

    So great to hear you have nothing to report here.

    Really great!

    I am turning 50 on Aug. 20th. Will spend with my family and old friends in Brazil.

    May do a party here in September. Will let you know.

    Happy everything!


  3. Laurel L says:

    Hi Jonah, I thought of you with much love on your birthday. I haven’t checked groinstrong for awhile, so I didn’t send these greetings on your actual birthday, but truly I remembered and thought of you. Was it your 21st birthday the summer when your family moved away from Oakland, breaking our hearts, and started a new life in St. Paul? What a long strange trip it’s been. Love you and love to Kathryn.

  4. Laurel L says:

    Just looked at your painting website. Wow, Jonah, very exciting. When you finish my painting, I wish you and Kathryn could come to Loveland, CO, and deliver it in person. Think about it.