a new home

my apologies for the delay in posting – i’ve gotten used to only the occasional update and i’m sorry for leaving you hanging. i’m feeling much better – i think threatening my insides with the possibility of another colonoscopy was enough to kick whatever stomach issues i was working through. i did manage this week to catch a cold from one of the children i care for, but that’s no big deal and it should pass quickly. it better – we’re hosting a mega-huge halloween party on saturday, so i’m resting up as best i can.

many of you have already heard, but we’re slowly spreading the news – kathryn and i are moving to nashville at the end of the year. it’s a big change and i’ll write more about it when i have more energy. it feels like the right thing to do, for her family and for our future one. i have my six month scan just before thanksgiving, and we’ll meet with my oncologist to discuss the care transfer. luckily vanderbilt has a great cancer center, and they’ve been running some of the same clinical trials that i was in at NYU and tracking patients long-term. i should fit right in. it’s a major transition in so many ways, but thinking about learning the ropes of an entirely new medical infrastructure is scarier than anything this spooky holiday could produce.

i’m sorry again if i made you worry – obviously with the move we’ve had a lot going on.

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    “our future one”? hmmm…