the CT scan was quick and painless. i was actually in and out of the lab in about 15 minutes. but how weird is that, that i need my brain scanned? maybe they can give me an injection to enlarge the part of the brain that gives you perfect pitch. i’ve always wanted that.

there’s a chance i could have my results today, but it may be tomorrow. nice that they don’t keep us waiting. of course i’ll be sure to let everyone know, although i very much doubt that it will show anything. i’m afraid that i’m just going to have to deal with this headache for a while. my doctor has recommended i just steady my painkiller usage – instead of waiting until the pain is unbearable, i’m just going to steadily take vicodin throughout the day.


actually i couldn’t be more tired of constantly being on pills. it’s exhausting being stoned all the time.

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